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This website contains a selection of documents and objects belonging to the historic collection of the Van Batenborgh Foundation in Groenlo, The Netherlands


The purpose of this site is to make the public more familiar with these collections and raise interest in the social en economic history of the Achterhoek, the eastern part of Gelderland (during the Republic mentioned as Gelre).




English summary Album Amicorum Johan van Lynden, (before 1556 - 1578)


The collections of the Van Batenborgh Foundation contain the oldest 'album amicorum' in the Nederlands. The 16th century album amicorum of Johan van Lynden, originating from Hattem (The Netherlands), contains poems and song texts in Dutch, French and Latin of about 50 male and female individuals and students, representatives of noble and other families. And with 20 coloured handdrawn arms.

With dated contributions between (before) 1556 and 1578.


Mentioned places in the manuscript are:
Colonia Agrippina (Köln, Germany) and Noviomagus (Nijmegen, The Netherlands).


Contributors to the Album:

Persons with the family names of: Boeynenborgh, Bonnenburk gen. Honstein, Bronckhorst, Dontzeler, Eegeren Ffrijdach, Goltsteyn, Isendoern, Lynden, Mekeren, Onsteijn, Pyeck, Rossum, Scheyffart vom Meradt, Schmullinck, Scijffart, Trijssens, Tyngnaegell, van der Helle, van Deventer van Eeversdijck, Van Galen, Van Ghendt, van Gruithuis, Van Hackfort, Van Heekeren, Van Herwijnen, Van Lyer, Van Lynden, Van Roeke, Van Welly, Van Zuylen, Vonn Stamheim.



Present location of manuscript: Gelders Archief in Arnhem, The Netherlands


Literature references: none


Owner: Van Batenborgh Foundation in Groenlo (The Netherlands)




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Detail of first page of the first Dutch Album amicorum in the Netherlands, dating from 1556



Detail of a poem text from 1578, starting with: be faithful with me...  



Archives Van Batenborgh Foundation accessible via Geldrian Archives